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Three ways to get your year off to a great start

Guest teacher author, Aoife, has shared some tips to help engage and relax students to make the start of the new school year go well. Here are three of her ideas.

September is about establishing effective rules, routines and systems in our classrooms. Time spent doing this is time well spent! Building positive relationships with each pupil in the class will also pay dividends throughout the year.

Teacher with her class

Here are three things that I do every September to ensure a positive start.

Meet the teacher

I make a slideshow with a couple of facts about myself, my family, my favourite food, my pets, etc.

Children love to see what I might get up to outside the classroom. I also include some photos of myself for extra impact!

This really helps children to connect with me and begin to build that all important positive relationship.

You could use PowerPoint to make some slides or you might want to explore a free tool for schools, like Canva.com, to create a poster like infographic. The children could do the same for themselves!

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  • Thank you so much for sharing these amazing fun activities to do on day 1. I especially like the idea of spending time telling the children about my own interests. I will definitely be using all of these

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