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Christmas art ideas for younger children

Teacher author, Roisín O Rourke, has shared some ideas for some ‘Christmas Magic’. Here are some you might want to try with younger children.

Sensory handprint Christmas trees

A handprint Xmas tree

You can use a story to help introduce this activity. Two that I use are ‘The Christmas Pine‘ & ‘Pick a Pine Tree‘.

You will need:

  • A3/A4 paper,
  • green paint,
  • a variety of bright coloured paint (for baubles),
  • brown paint,
  • glitter glue or glitter & PVA glue.

Begin by allowing the children to cover one hand in green paint. Model how they will press their hand down on the page and use the other clean hand to hold the page. The palms of their hands should press the page first and then connect each handprint at the palm on the page to avoid any gaps. The best format to follow I’ve found is 4 handprints on the bottom row, 3 more next, 2 more handprints and then 1 on top.

The children at this point can also add in the tree trunk using a smudge/dragging action with their finger. Once dry the children can add details such as a star on top and finger prints as baubles/lights.

Finish off each mini masterpiece with a sprinkle of glitter, or ‘magic’.

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