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What’s the Math-er? Ep. 4: Maths Talk & Mathematical thinking

Lisa Walsh interviews Dr. Siún Nic Mhuirí in this episode. They cover Maths talk, the Maths4All project, Shape Space and Measures in the new curriculum, assessment and ideas for outdoor learning.

A teacher talking with a class

You can check out the resources and listen to Episode 4 of the podcast here.

A key topic of discussion is Maths Talk and Mathematical Thinking

  • How to introduce/improve it?
  • Tips for asking questions
  • Connections between talk & thinking
  • Analysing talk to identify what they know and don’t know
  • Formats for talk
  • Public vs Private talk

The Maths4All Project supports teachers wanting to learn more about teaching mathematics. Get the low down on…

  • The website
  • Webinars
  • Teach Meets
  • Professional Learning Communities

The new Primary Maths Curriculum gets a deep dive…

  • A closer look at Shape & Space and Measures
  • Changes we can expect in these strand areas
  • The wider benefits of developing skills in spatial thinking and spatial
  • Thinking about how shapes move
  • The joy of Tangrams

 Formative Assessment & the work of Dylan William

  • Connections with Maths Talk & Assessment
  • It’s not enough to know that pupils can’t do something, we need to know what they think
  • Teaching algorithms
  • Why teach algorithms?
  • Tips on how to teach algorithms

Outdoor Learning

  • What are the benefits?
  • Tips and resources to support the use of outdoor learning
  • Cross border initiative for the Out and About Website


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Lisa Walsh

Third and fourth teacher Lisa has a big interest in teaching and learning Maths. Initially she was looking for a podcast to listen to herself to source more ideas and information about teaching Maths. That search has resulted in her creating a podcast!!

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