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What’s the Math-er? Ep. 1: Ideas and inspiration for your mathematics teaching

First episode of an in-depth podcast series to help you make the most of the new Mathematics Curriculum. Episode 1 features an interview with mathematics author and teacher, Patrick Neary.

Each episode of What’s The Math-er? is great for absorbing on a commute or to listen to while out on a walk and they are packed full of examples, interviews, practical ideas and tips on where you can learn more.

EPISODE 1 features an interview with Patrick Neary. Patrick is a teacher and an author of some of the new classroom materials you may be using soon. 

Here are just some of the topics covered in the first interview.

  • What does a problem-solving approach to learning really look like?
  • How can co-teaching contribute to lessons?
  • Tips for planning and assessment

Research and terminology is unpicked, helping you make sense of key ideas in the new curriculum.  How can an understanding of how children’s ideas of shape and space develop over time help you assess where they are and deliver more inclusive activities?   


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Lisa Walsh

Third and fourth teacher Lisa has a big interest in teaching and learning Maths. Initially she was looking for a podcast to listen to herself to source more ideas and information about teaching Maths. That search has resulted in her creating a podcast!!

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