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Trí chluiche spraíúla Ghaeilge chun stór focal a chur chun cinn

Teacher, Roisín O Rourke, has shared three ways to bring some active fun to your Gaeilge lessons.

Trying to inject a little spraoi into your Gaeilge lessons? Here’s a few games you can easily adapt into your lessons without having to reinvent the wheel or print, laminate and cut lots of new resources!

Cluiche Kim

Cluiche Kim is a well known cluiche that can be adapted for many class levels. For younger classes, it can be used to teach and/or revise new foclóir. For older classes, it could be used to teach new phrases or eiseamláirí.

You do not need the physical versions of flashcards or vocabulary cards. A simple screenshot, vocabulary/phrases on a flipchart or pictures or words typed on a blank powerpoint will also work.

The game goes a little something like this.

All language cards displayed

Múinteoir: Téigí a chodladh a pháistí

Then remove a card.

One card hidden

Múinteoir: Dúisígí, a pháistí. Céard a thóg mé?

Páiste: Thóg tú ….

These phrases can all be modelled through a teacher demo at the beginning. As the children become more confident with the game it is lovely to hear them use these phrases.

The game can be advanced by allowing the child to be the múinteoir and control the card taken. As a means of revision, allow 2-3 children to take a card at once for a quicker pace. 

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