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TLC for teachers – 5 tips

While we are naturally focussed on the well-being of our students. it is good to remember that the best way to be able to do that is to make sure we take care of ourselves too. Teacher author Aoife shares some of her TLC tips for teachers.

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Looking ahead to the start of a new term? Approaching the end of one with your energy running low? It can always help to take time to reflect on how you can manage those difficult days that are part of managing a class of active young minds.

Read on for some ideas to mind your well-being on the busiest of days. I apologise in advance for the super cheesy ‘motivational’ quotes!

1. Set and share boundaries

You can best teach others the value of healthy boundaries by maintaining yours.

Bryant McGill

Try not to bring work home with you. Aim to correct the children’s work as they do it so that you don’t need to do lengthy corrections at home. If you can implement peer-marking and get more done in the lesson itself – even better!

On a practical level there are several other things you might want to consider implementing to help avoid those small and distracting interruptions.

  • Disable notifications for school related apps (eg. Aladdin/Seesaw). You can log in to to see what is new or requires your attention when you have the time and opportunity to actually act.
  • Explore school email settings to deliver and receive message at only certain times of day. 
  • Set priority alerts on your phone so you will still get urgent messages from key people but not be distracted by less important ‘noise’ communications.

Setting boundaries helps when things need to be prioritised, so share the reasons you need to manage your time and capacity with the children. They are not immune to being overwhelmed themselves.

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