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Wellbeing: Check ins and classroom charts

Children thrive when happy. Maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere helps to build a positive and productive learning environment. Guest teacher author, Roisin, has shared some of her tips on managing wellbeing in the classroom.

Ensuring wellbeing has always been a big part of the classroom for both the children… and the teacher!

With wellbeing being made a key part of the Primary Curriculum Framework, here are some practical ways you can engage positively with well-being in your class.

As you start a new school year, you could perhaps introduce them in the first few days.

A happy boy with their teacher

The Morning Check In

Checking in regularly with students on how they are feeling is a form a feedback that can be acted on immediately to help create the right learning environment.

As part of my morning chat with the children, a simple way I incorporate this is to get all the children to put their heads down and hands up. Keeping their heads down keeps it relatively anonymous. They then show me on their fingers how they are feeling. One being ‘Not Great‘ and ten, being ‘On Top Of The World‘.

Fingers being help up

You may also find that this quick feedback method can prove useful as a quick confidence check when introducing a new topic or tackling a particularly challenging aspect of some work. You will quickly get a sense of where the class and individuals are at mentally and you can adjust things accordingly.

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