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The Nutcracker with a twist: Christmas art ideas

Teacher author, Roisín O Rourke, has used the story of The Nutcracker as a lovely stimulus for these Christmas Art and Shapes & Geometry activity ideas.

Nutrcracker character

A striking side profile Nutcracker character is easily sketched and works as the basis of a calming guided drawing and painting lesson.

You will need:

  • A3 paper,
  • pencils,
  • green, blue, black and a variety of skin coloured paints,
  • gold paint, PVA glue & glitter or glitter glue,
  • black marker.

Begin by sketching the Nutcracker’s side profile with the children paying special attention to dimensions, proportions and positioning of features.

If you need a profile picture to help children draw an outline of the nutcracker character, you can download one to print here.

Once drawn, allow the children to choose the colours for their nutcracker. Tip: I find that green works well as a background for other primary colours to stand out against. The children can use PVA glue to add glitter for buttons, stripes or any additional features they wish to add.

Nutrcracker images

You can also revise some ideas about shapes in mathematics by creating Christmas Quadrilateral Nutcracker characters.

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