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Sprinkle some Christmas Magic on your topics this December!


There are so many ways you can add a festive touch to your Maths lessons.

When doing problem solving or working with number, you can use a Christmas theme.

Here are some examples I have used that are suitable for 1st class. You can adapt the problems to make them harder or easier.

  • There were 15 elves working in the workshop. 7 of the elves were girls. How many of the elves were boys?
  • Santa delivered 3 presents to Tom. His sister Mary got double the amount of presents. How many presents did Mary get?
  • Mum hung 15 candy canes on the Christmas tree. Dad hung 18 candy canes on the tree. How many candy canes are on the tree altogether?
  • Santa can visit 10 houses in one minute. How many houses can he visit in 10 minutes?
  • There were 28 presents on Santa’s sleigh. 13 presents fell off the sleigh! How many were left on the sleigh?

Older or more able pupils should also be able to create their own Christmas theme questions for each other.

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