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Moviemakers: Make a Wonder Turner

A Wonder Turner, or a Thaumatrope is a simple optical illusion. It can be made in a few minutes using just some card and string and it helps you explore the key idea of persistence of vision. If pictures change quickly enough, our eyes are tricked into seeing smooth movement. This notion is the basis of movies and animation.

Here is a short video (4 mins) introducing the idea.

For this activity all you will need is:

  • Card or thick paper,
  • String,
  • Pens and pencils,
  • Scissors.

Taking things further

You can extend the activity by using clipart or computer graphics to make the two sides of the Wonder Turner.

Once students have grasped the concept behind animation, they can develop their skills further by making flick books or trying some of the other Moviemakers ideas here on Teachers’ Corner.

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