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Four class reward systems you might want to try

Although there is an important debate about the nature of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, group reward systems can be a great aid in effective classroom management if used in a considered way. Guest teacher author, Aoife, shares some of her approaches.

Over the years, I have found that mixing things up and changing my reward system regularly has really kept both myself and the pupils motivated. These systems generally all work best when they ‘catch children being good’.

You should discuss what ‘good’ might mean for your class with the pupils. Involving them will make them invested and rewards are always best if the reasons for earning them are fully understood.

Happy children

Children or group may receive points or move up on the reward system for good teamwork, for tidy tables, sportsmanship, nice manners, etc.

Remember, these systems don’t have to be pretty or laminated! Simple is best. You do not have to spend your hard earned cash on prizes for your pupils. Equally, giving the pupils sweets may not be in line with your school’s healthy eating policy!

Here are some fun reward systems I have used over the years and that I have found are a great way to get the whole class to work together towards a shared goal.

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