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Independent student activities for guided reading sessions

Guided reading is an increasingly established and effective feature of literacy teaching. It is an approach where teachers facilitate the teaching of reading to smaller groups of children. For small group working ideas, click here: Making the most of guided reading time

While the teacher focusses on the guided group, it can help to develop a range of related stations where other students can engage with different activities on their own for 20 to 30 minutes.

Here are some things they could do independently that involve writing

  • List and sequence the main events, perhaps as a timeline. 
  • Write a summary in 100 words. 
  • Using ideas from the text, make a true or false quiz for a friend. 
  • Make a fact file about characters or situations. 
  • Write a newspaper style report based on an incident in the text or a biography of a key character. 
  • Older students can write a letter to the main character informing them of the motivations of others or create an advertising teaser to tempt others to read the text.

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